I Got What You Want

2019 is the year of change. I need to buckle down, batten the hatches, and hold on for dear life. Ive spent the past few months focusing on school and realized what it will actually mean to be a full time student, as well as a companion who can provide the care you need.

During the coming months, in my communication, it may seem like I am approaching our time together as more of a venture than an adventure, but I promise once you get me where you want me I will be the same playful, caring, and devious Eda you’ve always loved to spend time with. I love what I do and I can’t imagine not spending time with the guests who have given me so much over the past 4yrs.

Because my time will be a veritable cluster-fuck (<— fancy University terminology, I swear) I have created three types of longer term dates for 2019 for those guests who have wanted to spend more time with me, and for travelling gentlemen who like to support the arts/scholars.

Being a companion for the past 4yrs has been such an amazing experience, and has opened up a world of opportunity for me that I never imagined possible. I am hoping that you will continue to support me on this ride or die University adventure, as well as encourage my long term goals.

I know that not everyone can be so luxurious as to afford longer engagements, so I am not raising my hourly rates this winter. Instead I will be keeping them at their current listing until September 2019

Rise and Shine

Overnight (15hr) (save 15%) :: :: :: Only 6 availabilities

Are you feeling the stress of every day getting to you? Do you feel like you need someone to provide you with a little R&R, a night outside of your usual habits? My incalls is located near many of Montreal’s favourite bars & resto’s. Together we could sneak out and paint my little corner of the city red, and come back to create some of our own mischief. In the morning there are several brunch places nearby before we part ways (or you can cook something up in the kitchen wearing my little apron if you feel so inclined).

** In Montreal 1750CAD : Incall Only, includes access to my whisky collection, and snacks

Rare Opportunities for other cities:
** In Toronto 1850CAD : Outcall Only
** In London/UK 1700GBP : Outcall Only
(please feed me, and maybe pet me)

Looking Forward

2wkend bookings 6500 (save 20%) :: :: :: Only 3 Availabilities Left

Do you like to plan things out meticulously? Do you know when and where you will be, and that where is with me at your hotel? Prebook two weekend trysts for when you know you will be in town and I can help you come up with some out of this world suggestions on what we can do (I know all of the best and silliest places to go - I am working on my list of chi-chi places, I promise).

**Deposit for the first weekend must be made by the time you confirm the date of your arrival/commencement of the RdV. Deposit for the second weekend must be paid by the end of the first date.
**Can be booked far in advance, several months apart.
**If you need to reschedule the RdV there is no fee.
**If you cancel the RdV the deposit is non-refundable
(which is why I prefer you only send a percentage and not the whole donation before hand)

Without Hesitation

1 full wk booking 7500 (save 25%) :: :: :: Only 3 Availabilities Left

One whole week together to get into trouble, what ever are we going to get up to, and where will we do it? This package is for those who want the luxury of on demand bratty adoration. Fly me to wherever you will be, Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin, Vancouver, here in Montreal, it is up to you. Our time together will never be dull because every moment is the possibility for adventure (and trust me, I always find the interesting local places)

(includes FM2Y, but not the flight) (no USA FM2Y)

Only four availabilities for travel bookings in 2019
End of February 2019 - Already Booked
End of April 2019
Middle of August 2019
End of December 2019