Coming up in 2019

Everyone has done their wrap up of 2018 by now (except me, yikes) and theyve all put so much love and care into them. I should have done one to be honest, but I have such terrible memory when it comes to what happened (but not who Ive seen, hmmm so odd that so many of you would be so memorable ;) ). Instead I want to focus on what I am trying to do for 2019. We can’t change the past (not that I would dare dream of it) but we can always build a better tomorrow.

If youve been floating around my twitter in 2018 you will have noticed that I have started taking courses for school again. Ive completed my first semester, with… tolerable grades. My winter semester has already started and I am off to running start, and before I know it I will be in the throws of a spring/summer course as well. Anyone who knows me, and knows me well, knows how much I love to learn. I am the curious type who always wants more information. so returning to school is exactly what I need inbetween all of your adoration and attention.

Ive also spent the last 4yrs trying to heal from physical trauma (don’t ask where it came from, I have no idea) and I finally have a few answers from doctors on how to approach the problems. Both osteopathy and going to the gym (every damn day) have been set into motion, and I look forward to continuing to be spry and nimble for you. However please forgive me if for some reason I am not so bouncy on one occasion versus another. I am doing my very best to be the brightest version of myself in all of our encounters.

My next venture is an entirely selfish one, but deep down in the recesses of my soul I want a little black poodle. Obviously I wont just throw my savings to whimsy on a puppy. It is my last goal (and likely one that will get pushed back, and back, and back), but it is a nice day dream that some day I will have a precious mini poodle to take on international adventures with me.

Last but not least I would like to prioritize duos with all the mega babes that I know (or even don’t know yet, do you know someone I might want to know biblically? introduce us ;) ) so if someone has a lower donation than I do I will be rate-matching them during our duo. Hit me up for duos with Camille, Kira, Charly, & Tori - or Faye, Amelia, and Chrissy in London, as well as Erin, Addy, and Ivy in the states.

I can’t wait for 2019 to be just as fulfilling as 2018 was.

: : : if you would like to support me on these goals I have organized special rates on longer bookings, and vacation adventures. And I wont be raising my current rate until Sept 2019 to give everyone the best opportunity to see me. (or brazen NSA donations can be made via paypal, with a note attached as to how you would like the investment applied) : : :