Dinner Dates

Sometimes we just want a little something more. Not just a quick visit behind closed doors. We need a night out to lift our souls and recharge our batteries. Here are some places I am aching to try with you.


Barcade : For all my fellow nerds who just want to chill after a long day. Lets grab a pint and hit the foosball table before heading back to an incall.

Modavie : Known not only for their cocktails but for their great experimental take on lamb plates and tartars.

le Renoir : The best of Montreal taken to a whole new level. Duck poutines, gourmet sliders, and other comfort foods that have a whole new dimension.

Maison Boulud : Two words. Jazz. Brunch.



KuKum Kitchen : Toronto has so many new and interesting restaurants to choose from, however KuKum has had my eye for a while. I suggest we prepare ourselves for a dinner unhindered by expectation, open ourselves up to possibilities.

Carbon Bar : Excelling in southern comfort food, Carbon sets itself apart from the competition with unique twists on old favourites. As well their rotating cocktail menu that changes with the season is something to take in slowly, and repeatedly ;)

Bar Isabel : A little taste of Spain in our young country. Let's enjoy the experiences of the ocean and sparkling wine for the evening.

Kiin : Blending the delicate qualities from across Thailand, Kiin offers a traditional look at communal eating. Let's enjoy a relaxed dinner here before something else new and exciting.



Sweet Hereafter : Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a sweet tooth - the kind that cannot be reigned in. And Sweet Hereafter has an array of Gluten Free cheese cakes, I cannot wait to practice some hedonism with you.

Chives : Chives is a resto entrenched in local reverence - as well as catering to gluten free dietary needs (god bless).


London UK

The Library Bar : Tucked away in the recesses of The Ned you can find this darling little spot. I tripped over it during my last visit to London and desperately want to visit again just to sit and relax in your company.

Millie’s Lounge : There is something to be said about The Ned, it’s unique resto’s and quirky layout (having previously been a bank, or so I am told). To our luck it houses some of London’s finest chef’s and Millie’s has such an amazing array to choose from, I am sure we can get lost in our senses for the evening.

Brat : because I am not without a sense of humour ;) (consider making it a duo with Amelia Swan)