VIP Section vs OnlyFans

A controversy for our times

Once upon a time, in an incarnation of this site a long time ago, I used to have a VIP section. When I first started my VIP section I had great plans, and evil ideas running amok in my pretty little head. I also had myself convinced I would be able to stay on top of the admin work involved. However between figuring out which payments went with which email addresses, and constantly being worried that the people signing up were not of age in their jurisdiction - I decided I needed to outsource the content to another platform.

Enter #OnlyFans. While some of you are already large supporters of OF (bless you) many people are in a bit of a huff. They "dont like supporting third party platforms that take a cut because that is like pimping"**. So For the record, I thank OF every goddamn day for making my life 100% easier to post and manage content. I no longer have to run down people for their proof of age, as it is OF's responsibility. I no longer have to reorganize my entire website gallery to fit in new images and videos (which was taking up way more time than I wanted it to). I dont have to send out reminders of due payment, or subscription renewals, and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with no hassle. And OF will autopost for me if I want them to (which I dont I turned off that naughty little feature - but it is nice to have around). The only thing it is missing is timed updates so I can program updates while I am on tour so y'all don't get bored.

I *happily* if not ecstatically give up an INCREDIBLY small percentage of my donations from you, to OF, the people who have streamlined the process. As I recognize the people who have made the platform deserve to be paid for their hard work and continued hard work.

** if this is genuinely your logic, why do you support ad boards that charge us to post ads? You do realize the inflated rates they charge us to post ads do not pay for the website? That has already been paid off in spades, but it lines the pockets of the men who "run the site" for the "benefit of the community". If your provider has chosen OF as her preferred method of exclusive content and you want to see that content, just let all of the above sink in for a moment. Did you find her through an ad board? or through a free platform that genuinely supported her? Most likely you found her through an ad board, a place that is charging her far more than a measly $1.45 for in administrative fees.