London Feelings :: Give Those Boys a Taste

London, my love. It is finally your turn again. I can't tell you how excited I am to be in your arms again in late September. I just love the way we feel intertwined together, and with brisk air all about us as we grasp at one another. Ive never visited in the autumn before and I hope you can breathe some new life into me. 

If you are considering seeing me during my trip, but haven't nailed down the dates and times yet, please consider doing that soon. I would like to take a quick jaunt over to Copenhagen or Amsterdam on my days inbetween handsome courtiers. Therefor I will be closing my bookings as early as Sept 10th.

If you are looking for a little sugar to all the spice I am bringing to town, I have so many London crushes. I can't even count them all. [where to find my partners in passionate crime]

To get in on the know, and have access to my exact availabilities please contact me ( with screening information. I know it seems a bit extreme but we all love it when life is made easier, and I just want to make sure we can both be at ease together right off the bat, and knowing that you are trusted by others helps that. Once your appointment is confirmed I will also require a 25% deposit. So many pesky rules! But I promise it is all worth it in the end ;).