Wow, why so drastic?

I am certain by now, if youve come here often enough, you know that I offer a service called the Girlfriend Experience. I do this because I love to connect with people. I live to experience the world as they see it. I want to communicate in ways that challenge me to grow as a person. Meeting my guests half way, and forging our own path together is what I aim to bring to the people who choose to see me. 

However lately I havent been feeling this way. Lately I have been feeling taken advantage of. My last two tours were miserable. Trusted regulars cancelled without a deposit or a cancellation fee, and the people I had to hustle in to replace those calls assaulted me. I understand that the way we portray our lives online makes it seem like we are "Living our Best Lives" but many of us are barely making rent - myself included. 

If financial devastation had been the only thing that had happened, I maybe wouldnt be so quick to institute my new deposit/cancellation policy. But all things considered I have been in this industry now for 4yrs without a strict policy, you have had access to me until now knowing I would trust you to do right by me, and youve lost that privilege. 

Many of my best out of town guests already send me deposits, if you would like to be one of my best guests as well - there is only one option now. 

- - - - - - - - - 

A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required for all clients in cities outside of Montreal. A booking is not considered confirmed until the deposit is received. If in the unlikely event I am forced to cancel our meeting your deposit will be refunded.

Deposits are payable by Amazon gift cards, PayPal, or e-Interact

Should you somehow escape the deposit process, and cancel our appointment with less than 48hr notice - a 50% cancellation fee will be expected.

- - - - - - - - - 

Some less than pleasant realities for chronic No Shows, Time Wasters, and just Guys who had bad luck that week.

When you cancel on us...

  • we are forced to find replacements for your call in less than ideal conditions, often sacrificing our personal standards to pay our rent - this leads to bad dates.

  • if we share a space with another provider, you not only take away from the provider you booked with but another provider, and her client. Not only are you not getting an orgasm, you kept one from another guy. Way to go bro.

  • if you fantasy book, you wear down our faith in humans, you are what makes us bitter. Ive become 500% more angry feminist in 4yrs... which is saying quite a bit because I already thought I was angry before.

  • it impacts not only that day/week/month but it has a ripple effect (I almost couldnt afford to go to school this semester because of these cancellations, and that would have been destructive to my psyche as I am so invested in going back to school)