More ways to spoil me…

Oh no, Ive gone and done it now my loves. I swore I would never sign up for subscriptions again, yet here we are. I am ankle deep in subscription boxes.

Sadly I cant add subscription boxes to my wishlist (for whatever odd reason). If you want to encourage my terrible obsession with monthly deliveries to my greedy little hands, Ive compiled a list of boxes that ship to Canadian PO Boxes // on the other side of the coin, these are all excellent options for any of your favourite providers, I cant imagine any of my friends being sad at receiving one of these boxes - and you get the added bonus of surprising her with many little goodies for a really great deal.

Coffee & Classics : I want to sip on piping hot, fresh brewed coffee while devouring the latest nonfiction classic novel, and voraciously texting you to tell you what has just happened - as though you were there with me. Any one who knows me understands that the only thing larger than my heart is my book collection, and since I love to grow both - this is your perfect opportunity

Tasu Wellness : A self care box full of delightful Canadian made products to soothe and comfort all the senses. If you have a travel companion in your life this is absolutely the best gift to give her. Bath bombs, massage oils (that she may even pamper you with ;) ) and body lotions to keep her (cough me) soft and supple inbetween your rendez-vous.

Witches Moon : Is she seductive in a way that you cant quite pin point? She may have you under her spell, and let’s be honest - that is exactly where you want to be. Why not nurture that? The witches moon box comes with meditation tools, teas, candles, and other spiritual needs. Alternatively if she has a green thumb Witches Roots is an excellent option for your companion who loves to cultivate new life.

Boite a Bonbon - We both know I am sweet as sugar, but there is only one way to show that you appreciate my sweetness - with candy XD

MapleBlume : half a dozen amazing full size skin care products to keep my lips kissable, and my skin soft as a peach. Great for travelling to you, or for luxuriating around my incall.

FabFitFun : While I am already subscribed to this box, you can still send gift cards so I can make my quarterly box pretty deluxe with extra’s (last months extras were lingerie and banging sunglasses, who knows what the future will hold)

:: Make sure you know your providers PO Box info before trying to subscribe her to one of these products ::

E Blackwood
po box 83556
H2J 4E9