Thank you Seoul & Quebec City

I cannot tell you how beautiful Korea is. I know a lot of people will say “oh the smog” and sure ::the smog::. But you didnt see the golden dewy morning over a beautiful river just beneath a low rolling mountain in the early hours. Or watch the slow fog roll down off the mountain paths and onto river banks. There was something magical in those hours. Something that could have held my attention for weeks and months if I had been able.

However I had to rush back ere and experience my own country in a new way. Quebec City boasts itself as the oldest established city in Canada, and it has the scenic cobble stone roads and quaint old buildings to prove it. Diving into large plates of traditional Quebecois food in tiny little pubs that have been around for 400yrs is really an d experience. We stayed just beneath the fortress, looking out onto a plush snow covered courtyard.

I could not have asked for two better memories back to back.