Touch me Tenderly

SPECIAL NO LONGER AVAILABLE :: If youve been floating around my twitter for the past week, or for a while - a little birdie may have told you that I am running a special for all of my returning guests from the past 9mos.

short story : I am feeling great lately, and spring has me on the tip of my toes. If you’ve seen me in the past 9mos drop me a message and I will extend a discounted rate to you.

long story : I recently had a procedure that has me feeling over the moon. I had spent the past 5-6yrs in varying levels of chronic pain. It wasn’t until I had this procedure that I realized how much of life I had been missing. I also realized that I haven’t been giving the best version of myself to my work. So if for any reason you feel like like you didn’t get the best version of me (or if you just want to come back and say “Hi”) send me a quick note. I wont be upset if you say you felt like our last meeting wasn’t everything you wanted it to be, but now I can promise our next meeting will have you floating on clouds :)

260 :: 1hr
450 :: 2hr
650 :: 3hr

Longer please contact me directly :)