Summer 2019

Life comes at you with so much force sometimes it can knock you off your feet. Late June & Early July are Montreal’s infamous moving season, and it left me in a catastrophic whirlwind of chaos. It is now the beginning of August and I am only just getting my feet back on the ground.

After moving in a slapdash fashion on June 24th (a provincial holiday here) I found myself on a flight to visit my love Erin Black in Chicago. Chicagoans really know how to show a girl a good time, I was treated to some of the best food I could possibly imagine. Ive never eaten so many (literal) tacos in my life. Erin and I are as thick as thieves, so as you can imagine we got into trouble everywhere we went. She took me out to a local beach, and we both narrowly escaped being tragically sunburned. We met the wonderful Mia Action (who is visiting Montreal soon - book now) and Lady Cadence for dinner and tipples. My wonderful guests wowed me with their generosity, I got to see the Cubs play the White Sox. I went to the Surgical Sciences Museum and saw some really hard to digest content (my favourite), and got into innumerable tickling matches. Honestly it was an unforgettable way to spend the first week of summer.

On my way back to Montreal I was asked to come visit Toronto by one of my absolute favourite guests, and when you ask you shall receive. Lazy days in front of the BBQ with a good drink and even better company cannot be beat. I also got to see my loves Harley, Jessica, and Roxie - whom Ive missed so dearly. 

Ive been back in Montreal for an accumulative 18 days and Ive managed to get my new space mostly finished. I will be posting a full video of the whole apartment on my OnlyFans for those who subscribe and support me on a regular basis (without your contributions I wouldn’t have been able to make this move so seamlessly). If you’ve missed me you can now visit me for incalls or I can always come to your hotel for a visit. XOX I can’t wait to see you again.