Sugar & Spice Party

Bring in the spring the best way you can. Join some of Indy Companion’s finest providers for a night of unforgettable sensations. We are bringing you an all new experience. Wont you join us?


Who : Rylee Mae, Juliette Dubois, Rosie Sparkles, Nora Bordeleaux, Eda Blackwood, Adrianna Smith, Laura Pernel, and Alison Lafontaine + (upto) 10 gentlemen.

What : An evening of carnal delight

Where : Location will be disclosed closer to the date

When : April 25th 7pm - 11pm

Why : Because we love any reason to throw a party, and you are the best reason

How much : 750$ for 4hr of fun (200$ nonrefundable deposit)

What is Sugar and Spice?

Sugar and Spice is a collective effort to bring you the best party experience in Montreal. Eight experienced providers who all excel in their own ways, who all love to play.

What is going to happen during the night?

We will start the evening off with a one hour meet and greet. Get to know the providers who are there, chat with everyone, see who piques your interest, and who might make it onto your list. During this time clothes stay on. There will be an open bar (limited stock), and you are welcome to bring your own alcohol (closed of course). Snacks and refreshments will  be provided to keep you going through the night.

After our brief mingle we will start the festivities. During this time there will be three pleasure filled hours, that we hope will overwhelm your senses and leave you with a feeling of bliss.

Will there be private rooms? I've got a bit of stage fright.

Our location is not yet secured, so we cannot promise that there will be many private rooms. However even if there were private rooms, it is a first come situation. In any case this event is fashioned after a Bacchanal - people will be having far too much fun of their own to notice you. Relax. Enjoy what you see. Enjoy who you are with and everything will come naturally ;)

Will there be showers?

Yes there will be showers and amenities for everyone. If you are coming from work we ask that you please take a quick run through the shower before joining us at the party. As well in between all new experiences, please wash your hands and face.

Will there be somewhere to keep my valuables?

Absolutely! In fact we will have someone dedicated to keeping your things safe. At this party both Rosie and Eda will be making sure everyone is feeling safe and that everyone’s belongings remain untouched. Everyone will be given labelled ziplock bags for personal items, which will be locked up and will stay that way until the end of the night.

Will there be a ban on cell phones?

Absolutely! Your cell phone should be the first item yo‌u put into that ziplock. We have a strict NO PHOTOS/VIDEOS rule during the party. All phones should be put on vibrate for the party so they do not interrupt our sexy times. If for some reason you need to contact a spouse, you may do so during the smoke break. However you will not be allowed to return to the party until the phone is returned.

What if I want to spend all my time with X provider

This is meant to be a group party, as such laying claim to a provider for the entire night is a bit unfair to everyone else attending who may feel the same way. Try to start a conversation with her early in the night and let her know  you would like to spend some time with her that night. And if she seems unbusy later there is no harm in asking politely for a round two.

What about Voyeurism?

Every great party need a voyeur. If this is your thing, we certainly welcome it. If people are out and about doing their thing, consider it fair game to be a voyeur. However if people have sequestered themselves please ask them before being a witness to their moment. Consent is key.

What about toys?

Most of our providers have their own arsenal of toys, but should you want something specific please bring it.

Im a smoker, please tell me there will be a break?

Yes we will have one smoke break roughly 2hrs into the party. During this 15m you can of course grab your smokes and head out with everyone else. To make sure everyone gets their smoke break please leave your name with Eda or Rosie - they will come pester you when the break is coming up so you get your nicotine fix.

:: This entire event is consent based. Any violence or boundary violations will not be humoured. This includes but is not limited to: taking photos, videos, or audio of anyone, joining a pairing which you have not been explicitly invited into, cornering a provider and making her feel unsafe, attempting to intoxicate a provider or other guests. Please be on your best behaviour, and we will be on ours ;)


Eda Blackwood