Summer is Coming. (A Love note to Miss Faye Summers)

History : Originally I met Faye Summers by accident. My place to stay in London in 2016 upended itself last minute as I was flying to to Heathrow from Copenhagen and I needed a place to stay. A mutual friend suggested Faye to me and in all honesty it was the happiest mistake of my life. I would have loved to have the Provider twitter-romance that so many have these days. But we fell into each others laps for better and for still more better. Faye has been a shining light in my life. She is genuine, and truthful in all her words, she takes pride not only in herself but in the people she associates with (guests and providers alike). Nothing brings me more joy than to set out for a day in the city with her, holding hands and giving one another knowing looks.

Introduction : We are two unique sensations. Hot and Cold. Hard and Soft. Pleasure and Pain. This is what Miss Faye Summers and I bring together when we get to play with guests. Our personalities are so similar yet so distinctly individual. We give and take from one another, and from you if you will let us, as if we were speaking our own language.

How we like to play :

  • We love to shower our guests in attention and affection. We are your dream team GFE. Both of us rubenesque and full of sass, we will be sure to keep your wit on point.

  • For those who like things a little more adventurous, we’ve been known to play Bon cop - Bad Cop. Just let us know what kind of mischief you are looking to get into and I am certain we can craft an afternoon of delight for your pleasure.

Submit enquiries to or via my contact page
Please note that since this is tour not only for your pleasure but also for mine - my time may be limited, and enquiries that contain all required information have the best chance of being responded to. Make sure that your email specifies

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  • What you would like to explore in your session

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