A little bit




What can I say about myself that hasn’t already been said by so many others? I am tall and muscular, but not too lean. Some may say statuesque, with gentle curves that will pull you under like waves in the ocean. My soft green eyes are inviting and I have been known to have a devilish smile that will drive you mad with lust. I am as equally comfortable at a rock concert as I am in an art gallery (being covered in art myself I quite enjoy the voyeurism of art galleries and museums).

Being in my early thirties, I know what I want and I am certain I know what you want as well. I have lived many lives up until this point, and all of them have been sexually experimental. There has been no corner I havent explored, so if there is something that you think you would like to try I suggest you tell me your naughty little secret, and we can start this adventure once and for all.


You are here for a reason aren’t you? Everyone has needs, ones that they keep to themselves, or that cant be met by conventional means. I am here for you.

It has been a long day, you need a break. Come into my quiet studio space. Bright, comfortable, and spacious with everything you need to spend some quality time with you, yourself, and me.

And who am I? You’ve been searching for someone for a while now. Something new to quench your thirst, easy on the eyes, soothing to your soul, and a voracity that you cannot fathom. When we let our guards down and we can share that unique chemistry, I can be that woman for you.


one more little detail… I am currently a part-time student studying sociology. As I have to dedicate a certain number of hours to school and volunteer work I do not accept more than 3 - 4 RdV per week. I respect your time and enjoy putting a lot of energy forward into making our hours together special, so I greatly appreciate guests who are also looking to enjoy and respect our shared moments together.

If you haven’t found the answers to your questions yet, please visit my F.A.Q. section.