Don't let a tame every day stop you from
living a wild life once in a while


I have years of experience guiding people through the steps they need to be true to their own personal desires. One on One sessions will help you open to your own needs. Don't fight the urge you have to be kind to yourself, you deserve to find a quiet escape with good company.




4hr       ::     850
3hr       ::     750
2hr       ::     550
90m     ::    420
1hr       ::     300

48hr        ::    4000
24hr        ::    2800
15hr      ::    2100
10hr      ::    1600
6hr       ::    1200

I prefer dates that are a bit longer, and suggest that all new guests consider booking a 90m RdV for the first time so that we can really get to know one another and to see what kind of sensual chemistry we can create together. I believe that sensuality is something that is shared and that we both need to open and receptive to the pleasures around us to truly benefit from the time we share. Let’s give in to everything.


48hr        ::    4000
24hr        ::    2800
15hr        ::    2200
10hr        ::    1800

6hr       ::    1300
4hr       ::     900
3hr       ::     750
2hr       ::     550
90m      ::    450



For all extended bookings in the UK or Europe please email me directly. I will create a personalized quote for your specifics.

6hr       ::    1000
4hr       ::     700
3hr       ::     580
2hr       ::     420
1hr       ::     260

A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required for all bookings in cities outside of Montreal. A booking is not considered confirmed until the deposit is received. If in the unlikely event I am forced to cancel our meeting your deposit will be refunded.

Deposits are payable by Amazon gift cards, PayPal, or e-Interact

Should you somehow escape the deposit process, and cancel our appointment with less than 48hr notice - a 50% cancellation fee will be expected. (break downs can be found at the bottom of this page)

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Are you looking for a +15hr RdV? for all of 2019 I am running a special (which is detailed in my blog). However there is limited space for each one as I am in school right now. So drop me a line as soon as you are able, and let’s get the details sorted ;)

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If you would like to see me for social time as well as incall/outcall please let me know that you are looking for a mix so I can figure the proper donation. Social time is 120/hr, and must be spent out & about (dinner, museums, shopping, movies, etc)

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I love to entertain couples or groups, please add 120/person per hour (for longer bookings please contact me directly for a personalized quote to meet your needs and expectations)

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25% Donation Deposit

1hr :: 100
90m :: 125
2hr :: 150
3hr :: 200
4hr :: 225
6hr :: 250

50% Cancellation Fee

1hr :: 175
90m :: 225
2hr :: 275
3hr :: 375
4hr :: 450
6hr :: 500