Wasn’s your website edablackwood dot com, what am I doing here?

Oh dear friend. I guess you havent heard about some of the new and alarming laws that have come down. My other website was hosted by a company that has been known for shutting down websites similar to mine, so I've created a a new site. My new website feravitae is all about following your wild side, and listening to all of your untamed desires.

Youve Changed Your Name Again?

I absolutely have not changed my name. I am still Eda Blackwood. "Fera Vitae" roughly translates into "a Wild Life" and that is what I want to offer my guests. A better insight into what drives their desires. Consider the site name a dedication to your satisfaction.

Do you have a space where I can meet you?

I currently host out of my own incall in the Plateau, as well I have access to several spaces in and around Montreal should you need me to host you. When I travel to other cities I do try to stay somewhere where I can invite you to join me. If for some reason I cannot host you I will let you know within our first communication that my abilities in that area may be limited. 

Will you visit me at my house?

As a general rule I do not visit a place of residence for a first RdV. After a few meetings with, I may however be persuaded to meet with someone at their house if we have built up that trust.

However if you are suffering from limited mobility or a form of PTSD which hinders your ability to leave the house please make that clear in your email. Also be prepared to provide a reference from another provider who has previously seen you. Sadly without the references I cannot visit your house.

Do you see women, or couples?

I absolutely entertain female guests, as well as non-binary, trans, and genderfluid folks. However, because of the way this industry is designed through heteronormativity you may need to give me a more rounded idea of what it is you are looking for, as you may have a more specific design for your leisure time. 


As for couples I absolutely love to see couples, I can either come to your hotel or you can come to one of my private space. Please add 100/hr for the first 3hr (50/hr every following hour) to your donation.

I've tried email/Texting several times but you haven't replied yet...

I understand that many providers, and clients like to speak on the phone. I however prefer email as my primary method of communication. As I do not provide same day bookings texting or emailing should be more than adequate to meet our needs for the arrangement. If you have texted or emailed and I have not replied, take into consideration that I may be in an extended booking and will reply as soon as I get a chance.

So... I have your donation ready but I don't know how to hand it off...

  • So many guests find this to be awkward, it is rather endearing.

  • If you are visiting me at my incall please place the envelope (yes an envelope, not a wad of crumpled bills) with the donation on the counter top. I will count it before you leave - this is non-negotiable.

  • If I am visiting you at your hotel please leave it out in plain sight, or on the counter in the bathroom. I don't want to have to hunt this down and ask you for it. Nothing is more of a downer than having to ask if our contract is being respected on your end.

I've looked at your tour calendar and I do not see my city listed.

I love to travel, and I am always passport ready. If your city is not in my list it is because I do not have established guests in that area. However if you book me, that will all change wont it? If you are interested in a longer date (6+ hr within Canada, Overnight outside of Canada) we can arrange to fly me to you. Otherwise we will have to wait a little while. You can sign up for my mailing list via my contact page.

Deposits : for bookings outside of Montreal only.

A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required for all bookings in cities outside of Montreal. A booking is not considered confirmed until the deposit is received. If in the unlikely event I am forced to cancel our meeting your deposit will be refunded.

Deposits are payable by Amazon gift cards, PayPal, or e-Interact

I need to cancel my rendez vous (within Montreal), what are your policies on this?

  • 23 - 12hrs notice : %20 of the RdV

  • Less than 12hrs notice : %35 of the RdV

  • No notice at all : You will not be booked again

How do I pay the cancellation fee?

I accept PayPal, Amazon online gift cards, and donations to my Delivery Code wishlist or Onlyfans page. There are plenty of options to facilitate your situation.

Why do I need to pay a cancellation fee/deposit?

Just like any consultant, lawyer, doctor, or employee - my time is money. If you cannot commit to our rendez-vous, you have taken time that I could have otherwise used with another guest or used for my personal life, and it is polite to acknowledge that this has created an inconsistency (especially on last minute terms).