Five providers, one night of unforgettable memories,
will you be there?

who : Camille Haring, Juliette Dubois, Rylee Mae, Tori Sea, and myself (Eda Blackwood)
what : Four hours of … well what is it you are looking for? why don’t you tell us?
where : we will find a perfect space to host your ideal party
when : JUNE 21!! (or you can book us for a private event.)
how : drop us a message, we will be planning parties throughout the year and if you have a specific eveny you feel you would like to see us for (bachelor parties, birthday parties, etc) we are more that happy to create something memorable for you.

once we have enough applicants we will send out an official party email with the date. to secure your place there is a deposit of $200.

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The number of other guests will determine the donation per person.
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