I'm not quite sure whether it's her sense of fun, her wicked naughtiness, her sparkling intellect or her amazing beauty that I find the most attractive thing about Eda but put them all together and I just can't resist her.  You see those amazing photos on her website and her Twitter feed - you see how beautiful she looks - just you wait until you meet her in real life, she's even more stunning.

I've had the pleasure of Eda both by herself and with one of her favourite companions in London and I just can't wait to see her again .... and again ... and again

A. Perçant in London

Derek in Montreal

I spent a wonderful afternoon with this gorgeous mischievous woman, I’ve constantly been distracted by the reminiscences of her presence that lingers in my thoughts since then. Remembering the contours and landscape of her back she looks back at me with her irresistible eyes, as waves of endorphins takes me higher levels of bliss. Or when we’re embraced in intimate familiarity, the playfulness that emerged, as the bridges of our noses are locked in contest between us.

Percy in San Fran

She read my mind and proceeded to give me pleasures that I wish I could have more often. If only she was here, I would be her regular client. She certainly knows what she is doing with that tongue and lips. She gave good eye contact and was engaging the whole time. The other thing I really like about her is that she had really good manual dexterity which I don’t get too often. She is a keeper for me. I recommend her. Whenever she visits the bay area again, I will request to set up another session.

John in Montreal

I was intrigued by the unique beauty from her photos, as well as the hints of kink. When I arrived at her spotless, comfortable space, I was immediately taken in by her presence and personality. She made me comfortable and we shared a drink and got to know each other a bit. I find brainy creative women extremely sexy and Eda has all this in spades, plus great sense of humour, a very sensual presence, and some amazing body art. I don't like to go into a lot of detail, but leave it to say that we had a lot of fun, from the romantic to the mildly kinky.

Eda is the real deal. Gorgeous, curvy, excellent taste in music, whiskey and way too much fun to be around. Whether you're looking for fancified or burgers and fries, she is such a pleasure to be around that you'll almost forget to go behind closed doors... though once you do, she's so incredible you'll wonder what took you so long!

My only regret is that my country is so ass backwards I don't get to see her as much as I like- please, do this for me and for yourself!

Otis in NYC


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